PENOSTEK Granulated Foam Glass

Foam glass – is highly efficient and ecologically safe insulating material made from pure glass in the form of foamed granules. Granules are made by thermal foaming of crushed glass mixed with kaolin, glycerin and liquid glass. Each foam glass granule has closed gas filled cellular structure, this allows keeping air inside each cell and that make foam glass an efficient insulating material.

PENOSTEK was founded in 2008.

Our company goals:

  • Formation and development of the foam glass market in Russia, the CIS, the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.
  • Creation of new enterprises producing foamed glass under the PENOSTEK™ trademark.
  • Organization of equipment production and supplies of raw materials for the subsequent production of foam glass PENOSTEK™.
  • Deliveries of PENOSTEKтм foam glass and products made of it.
  • Implementation of waste glass utilization projects.

Our company has:

  • Unique patented technologies for the production of foam glass.
  • Powerful industrial production of foam glass.
  • Highly qualified engineering, production and management personnel.
  • Rich knowledge and experience in the field of foam glass usage during construction and in the production of building materials.
  • A modern approach to the development of unique individual integrated solutions in the design, production, commissioning and launch of equipment for the production of foam glass, as well as its service and modernization.
  • Experienced trade and marketing personnel, who have knowledge and considerable experience in construction materials and market.